“There is a voice inside each one of you that whispers, all days long, no teacher, preacher, parents, friend or wise man can decide. What is right for you just listen to it. The voice that speaks inside.”

Education is the very high light which illuminates our path of life. By establishing GGPS, we aspire to create a source of wide spectrum of light to fill the life of our students with knowledge, skills, confidence and joy.

To call GGPS a school would be an understatement. I believe that GGPS is an experience, a life time experience woven with golden thread of academics embodiment of strong human values, reflection of global platforms and glittering by a plethora of co-curricular activities.

GGPS offers a perfect blend of academics and extracurricular activities to help groom the students into perfect professionals. GGPS offers a complete career building programs to make the students social and professional career but also transform them into model global citizens.

GGPS is committed to provide right ambience and academic environment to all the students for unleashing their full potential and helping them reach the glorious heights of professional excellence.

My heartiest congratulations to you for selecting GGPS as per your Alma Mater. I am sure, one day you will proud of your decision.

My good wishes to the students and staff members for the success in all their endeavours.

Mr. Harbhajan Singh

(Secretary, GGSES)