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Arts & Crafts for Students

Arts and crafts for students are fun for children and the young-at-heart!

Graphic Design is a broad discipline that includes 2D, 3D and even 4D imagery. You can bring creativity to your work in fun and rewarding ways. Prepare to become a visual innovator, able to create compelling designs that convey ideas using the latest in media and technology.

Paint with colours

In this fun activities, brosh and colour provide you preschooler with a cool new way to paint a masterpiece.

Make a sereal Box House

Recycle your cereal boxes and engage our students creativity with this arts crafts project.

Graphic Design

This is about communicating design through visual content. Students use images as visual language.



The Importance of Art in Child Development

Developmental Benefits of Art

Motor Skills: Many of the motions involved in making art, such as holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are essential to the growth of fine motor skills in young children.

Language Development: For very young children, making art—or just talking about it—provides opportunities to learn words for colors, shapes and actions.

Decision Making: According to a report by Americans for the Arts, art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Visual Learning: Drawing, sculpting with clay and threading beads on a string all develop visual-spatial skills, which are more important than ever.

Inventiveness: “Art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of thinking and making things better!”

Improved Academic Performance: Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement. A report by Americans for the Arts states that young people who participate regularly in the arts.

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