House Activities


School spirit, community building and friendly competition are fostered through student participation in the House System.

The Houses are headed by Captains and Inter-House competitions are organised in various cultural and co-curricular activities to build up team spirit to foster a spirit of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding and tolerance.

Inter-house Competition

The House Coordinating Committee organizes and executes various Inter-House competitions during the year.

Engineering Day

Each year, over 60 faculty, staff, and student volunteers from all houses take part to demonstrate that Engineering is FUN!

Sports Day

The fantastic turnout from the perfect boost for the students on their very first sports day at the Shiv Nadar School.



The Importance of Art in Child Development

There are four houses in the school. Pawan, Pani, Dharat and Akash Every student becomes a part of one of the houses on admission to the school.

Each house is taken care by one student designated as the house captain. He/She is assisted in his/her duties by a Cultural and a Sports captain of the House. Two members from the staff designated as House Incharge and Ass. House Incharge along with a group of teachers take care of their respective Houses.

Points are awarded to the students throughout the year on the basis of their performance in Cultural, Sports, Literary & other Co-curricular activities.

Inter House activities are organised on Fridays of every month & the Best House is awarded by a trophy at the end of the session. The participating students are awarded certificates / Prizes for their efforts in these activities.

Name of House Motto Name of House Motto
Pawan Shakti (Strength) Pani Nirmalta (Sanctity)
Dharat Dheeraj (Patience) Akash Ekta (Unity)

House Activities

Inter house Basketball Competition

  • 01 Jul, 2022

INTER HOUSE BASKETBALL COMPETITION:Inter House Basketball Competition for Boys & Girls was organised in Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Bokaro. It was conducted two days separately for Boys and Girls. All four houses participated enthusiastically. Honourable President of G.G.E.S Mr.Tarsem Singh, Secretary of G.G.E.S Mr. S.P.Singh, Principal of Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Sector – V/B, Mr.Soumen Chakraborty and the In-charge of Middle Wing, Mr.Alok Kumar Jha congratulated all the participants for their spirited performance. Principal Sir appreciated the competitive spirit of the participants and encouraged the children to participate actively in house activities. Under the observation of Mr. A.K. Mishra & Mr.Shiv Dayal Choudhary, the competition was organised on 24th June,2022 (Girls) & 1st July,2022 (Boys). The venue of the tournament was the Basketball Court. Girls Basketball Team of Pawan House secured 1st Position followed by Pani House as the Runner Up Team. Boys Basketball Team of Dhart House grabbed the winning trophy and Pani House was the Runner Up Team. Participation is more important than winning. Congratulations to all the participants for showing positive spirit.


  • 27 Jul, 2018

Inter house Extempore Contest and Hindi Recitation was conducted on 27th July,2018 in Guru Gobind Singh Public school in the multi purpose hall.Apala Singh (std5E) acquired the first position,Shrishti(std4F) acquired the second position and Vandana (STD 5D) acquired the third position. In the Extempore Contest Abhabya of std 6F received the first prize,Ayush Kumar of std6A received the second prize and third prize was received by Anupriya of std 6E.


  • 25 Aug, 2017

Inter House Hindi Poem Recitation (For Class IV and V) and Geeta Chanting (For Class VI) were conducted in School Multipurpose Hall. Bandana(4/A) of Dhart House and Jasmeet(4/B) of Pani House acquired the 1st Position, Anjali(4/D) of Akash House acquired the 2nd Position whereas 3rd position was acquired by Akriti(4/F) of Pawan House in Class IV category. Jiya(5/D) of Dhart House acquired the 1st Position, Ayush(5/C) of Pawan House and Shristi(5/G) of Pani House acquired the 2nd Position whereas 3rd position was acquired by Sweta(5/D) of Akash House in Class V category. In Geeta Chanting, first prize was bagged by Ashish(6/A) of Pawan House and Aryan(6/B) of Akash House. Second Prize was taken by Bhumi(6/F) of Pani House whereas Third was taken by Prachi(6/E) of Dhart House.