We have well equipped Science lab in the school. Laboratory provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurements are performed. Science being a subject which diversifies facts and fallacies by a hairlines error, the school leaves no loop holes in the proper training of its students in testing and performing experiments. The school thus has well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry to encompass a spectrum of vast syllabus .To ensure that our students are able to understand concepts like mechanics, sound, light, our Lab is fully equipped with all such resources to support the innovative concept of teaching Science in an informal way.

Physics Laboratory

GGPS is having a spacious physics lab. Students learning have been enhanced significantly through the use of specially designed lab facilities. Students spend most of their time at the large demonstration table performing experiments on their own. Students can work in primary groups of two or four depending on the activity in hand. Physics lab is well equipped with the instruments and apparatus to cater academic needs of the students.

GGPS Physics Laboratory is spacious, well lighted and equipped with best of the apparatus. Often the Physics teachers take their regular classes within the Laboratory itself to bring theory and practice together leading to better understanding and cognition of the underlying concepts.

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Lab has in store with it all the most modern facilities. Each table is provided with sinks and gas connections. Gas connections are having separate valves too. Chemistry Laboratory is also spacious, well lighted and well equipped with best of the apparatus. Often the chemistry teachers take the regular classes in the chemistry laboratory itself, resulting in students getting exposed to both theory and practice simultaneously, leading to better understanding and cognition of the underlying concepts.

Biology Laboratory

This lab is equipped with well-equipped instruments , microscopes, computer and it gives relevant information about the unicellular and multicellular organisms by keeping the spicemens of all multicellular organisms.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics Lab has been set up to build interest, curiosity and collaboration among the students to develop healthy environments and remain updated with equipment known as instructional materials designated for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Social Science Lab

GGPS Sector - 5 owes a big reputation in preserving and protecting the cultural traditions. To inculcate this tradition amongst the students the school has provided rich 'Social Science Lab' with creative and innovative models and equipment to foster knowledge and keenness.